AI Powered Gen-3
Any Stem Separator
Separate or remove any instrument from any music
New Gen-3 algorithm with 40% performance up and clearer results
Multi Stem Separation
More stems, better quality
New Gen-3 algorithm improves WMIR architecture for clearer stems and richer energy.
The enhanced algorithm guarantees more precise tracking output and advanced adversarial training enables accurate separation of target instruments amidst similar timbres.
Dango provides 10+ presets of instruments separation capabilities to add diverse possibilities to separation.
Any Instrument Separation
Infinite instruments, infinite separation
No need to ask if Dango can separate a specific instrument. It can now separate any instrument!
Dango introduces the groundbreaking "Any Instrument Separation" feature, enabling users to upload a solo sample of the instrument they want to isolate and train AI to separate it.
Furthermore, we also provide the Model Hub, which allows users to train their own models for separation.
Online Mixing
Mixing stems online, adjust parameters freely
Looking to remix separated stems? No need for complicated professional audio software.
Dango offers an online mixing function that allows you to adjust the volume of any stems, reduce, increase, or mute its volume, and generate audio with only (or no) certain instruments.
Take your pick freely
One separation, multiple possibilities
Dango have a more flexible stem separation mode, allowing users to manually select the stems they want to separate when uploading, and only need to upload once to separate multiple stems.
What is Dango suitable for?
Using the Any Stem Separation feature, easily learn the composition of the song and the mixing skills of the song.
Transcription not only requires good ears and headphones, but also a good auxiliary tool. Use Dango to demixing songs into stems to improve transcription efficiency.
Remixing stems to save a bad master. Or remove a track from the music and perform it yourself? You can do it all.
Preview separated results
Word is cheap
Upload your own song and try it out
Try for free
Dango knows you still have questions...
Can the generated file be used commercially?

This depends on the copyright owner of the song itself. If you are the copyright owner of the song, you can use it commercially. If you are not the copyright owner of the song, you need to obtain the permission of the copyright owner of the song before you can use it commercially.