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Lossless Pitch
Change audio pitch without losing quality
Triple quality protection technology, crystal-clear sound without tearing
Next-Gen AI Poweredalgorithm
Serve only those with extreme requirements for sound quality
Say goodbye to RX, AU and other legacy software
Improving sound quality is at the heart of Dango's philosophy
Opt for the best headphones and experience the difference
"Pitch Change" software in everywhere,
Why Dango?
Dango Triple Quality Protection
Dango Triple Quality Protection
Dango Drums Protection
Traditional pitch changing challenges arise as the drum pitch shifts will distorting the sound.
Dango drums protection technology ensures drum kits won’t be distorted.
No matter how harsh change the semitone, resulting in a stable performance, with the drum sound crisp.
2 Phut Hon (Remix)
This song is -5 semitones, using the RX RADIUS pitch algorithm as a reference. The traditional algorithm distorts the drum sound and makes it muffled compared to the AI algorithm, while the Dango drums protection technology maintains the clarity of the drum sound.
Dango Timbre Protection
Every timbre has a "sweet spot" called the formant, which is what makes people feel comfortable. However, the formant changes with pitch, causing distortion or discomfort.
With Dango timbre protection technology, the pitch changes without sacrificing the timbre, resulting in a natural, clear sound - like a composer personally creating a pitch version of the song just for you.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
This song is +4 semitones, using the popular open-source algorithm SoundTouch processes in the time domain -- divides the song into fragments and superimposes them and making result in a strange "tear-like" feeling during extreme pitch changes, which the Dango algorithm does not possess.
Dango Detail Protection
Dango goes the extra mile to deliver the best audio quality results.
We apply precise pitch processing to your song and save its original details.
Protect the mixing effect and transient burst of the song itself.
This song is -3 semitones, using the commercial algorithm RubberBand as a basis. It fails to preserve the song's transients, drum kit sounds leaves much to be desired, resulting in some drums suddenly "disappearing". Dango effectively resolves these issues.
Each song is treated differently
Personalized AI that understands and learns
Each song is treated differently
Personalized AI that understands and learns
Dango spends nearly 30% of its time learning the style and composition of the song while processing.
The processing details of the pitch are different for each song
Only for the best results
Frequency Fixer
Keep the audio crisp
Frequency Fixer
Keep the audio crisp
Traditional algorithms will cause the song's spectrum to stretch.
Dango repairs damaged spectrum, outputs rich energy up to 22KHz.
Serve only those with extreme requirements for sound quality.
Other algorithms
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How does Dango compare with traditional software?

Nearly 50 years ago, people attempted to implement the "pitch" function using bulky hardware equipment. However, this professional equipment needed to be purchased and the sound quality was not good. With the development of computers after this, software-level pitch appeared. Since then, various audio manufacturers have competed with each other in pitch algorithms, but no matter how much research is done, these DSP algorithms are still in the traditional algorithms. The emergence of AI in recent years has changed the rules of the game.

Traditional algorithms for pitch are generally divided into time-domain and frequency-domain analysis methods, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Time-domain analysis typically breaks the song into countless fragments and then overlaps them together to maintain the timbre unchanged, but this can cause an unpleasant "tearing" sensation in the overlapping parts of the song. Currently, more commercial algorithms use the frequency-domain analysis method. The frequency-domain analysis method starts from the spectrum. Pitch will not cause tearing, but the details of the timbre and song will be lost, and the drum set will "disappear" or "suddenly" feel boring.

Dango algorithm with AI technology uses triple quality sound protection to complement each other, ensuring no distortion of the drums, timbre, or details. Welcome to put on your best headphones and compare ours with other software algorithms.

Can the generated file be used commercially?

This depends on the copyright owner of the song itself. If you are the copyright owner of the song, you can use it commercially. If you are not the copyright owner of the song, you need to obtain the permission of the copyright owner of the song before you can use it commercially.